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Burger King Is Set to Enter the Metaverse With Virtual Food and Restaurants

Burger King has filed a trademark application indicating its plans to enter the metaverse and embrace NFTs.

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Burger King, the multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, has filed a trademark application for “BURKER KING” indicating it plans to enter the metaverse.

According to the trademark application, the food brand intends to offer virtual goods, including food items and beverages, for use in virtual worlds.

The company’s plans include the provision of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), retail store services for featuring virtual goods, and online virtual restaurants and cafes in virtual environments created for entertainment purposes.

The news was shared today by metaverse trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis on Twitter.

Recently, many major food companies expressed interest in joining the metaverse and exploring the world of NFTs.

A few weeks ago, Conagra Brands filed trademark applications for “SLIM JIM” and “MEATAVERSE”, indicating its intention to enter the metaverse.

Likewise, UTZ filed trademark applications for “UTZ” and “UTZ SNACKS”, signaling its plans to step into the metaverse with virtual snack foods.

Among other big companies that have applied for trademarks in the past are Panera Bread, McDonald’s, Wingstop, Panda Express, Tyson Foods, and others.

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